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French perfumes

Eau de Parfum - for menTop notes: bergamot, sage plant, lavenderHeart notes: orris root, cocoa, leatherBase notes: cedar wood, vetiver, patchouli..
75.00 SAR
Brand: الرحاب للعطور Model: عطور
Top notes: lemon, cinnamon and cardamomHeart notes: jasmine, floral and pineBase notes: patchouli, incense and amber..
175.00 SAR
Top notes: bitter orange, citruses and neroliHeart notes: patchouli, orris root, rose and jasmineBase notes: white chocolate, benzoin, incense, amber, frankincense, wood and musk..
195.00 SAR
Eau de Parfum - for womenTop notes : sesame seedsHeart notes: tuberose and orange blossomBase notes: vanilla, vetiver, leather, amber and patchouli..
95.00 SAR
Eau de Parfum - for womenTop notes: AlmondHeart notes: jasmine, orris root, roses, tuberose and pralineBase notes: coffee, guaiac wood, oud, tonka bean and vanillaفاني..
75.00 SAR
Eau de Parfum - UnisexTop notes: pink pepper, raspberry, juniper, mandarin and cardamomHeart notes: mate leaves, orris root, roses, sage and gingerBase notes: leather, praline, dry amber, musk..
75.00 SAR
Eau de Parfum - for womenTop notes: lemon and water scentHeart notes: rose and sugarBase notes: vanilla, sugar, white musk and cedarwood..
75.00 SAR
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